The Government of Sudan received with regret and great concern the news of the heinous attack on the Team of the Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSMVM) took place on Tuesday  18 December 2018 in Luri area. The members of the team were arrested by a security force believed to belong to the TGoNU of South Sudan and subjected to worst abuses harassment, physical torture, and humiliation for several hours. This incident constitutes a flagrant violation of the Revitalised  Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan ( R-ARCSS) and an outrageous breach of international conventions on human rights protection. It also represents a failure to protect the CTSMVM and is, therefore, a hindrance to the exercise of its mandate as provided in the R-ARCSS.

While it strongly condemns this act, the Government of Sudan calls on the TGoNU of South Sudan to perform its  responsibility in pursuing  and apprehending  the accused, bringing them to justice to deter whoever seeks to violate or undermine the R-ARCSS or other relevant  agreements  which already began to give fruits towards restoring  peace and stability in South Sudan.

The Government of Sudan, furthermore,  reiterates the importance of enabling all mechanisms and organs established in accordance with the R-ARCSS to undertake their mandates without hindrance or delay.
In the same vein, the Government of Sudan, as a guarantor to the R-ARCSS, cannot fail to commend the positive attitude toward the Agreement that is evidently prevailing in South Sudan and the decrease in instances of its violations,  as well as the preparedness by all parties to implement the Agreement in goodwill.